Winter tip from HYC :
Start doing YOG for only 30 minutes in sunlight daily & avoid joint pain, dry skin, heart problem, cold-cough & get benefits of Vit-D, calcium.

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    • hetalsyogclinic-yoga-blocksYoga Belt
      For support of hands and legs.
    • hetalsyogclinic-yoga-matsBolster
      For support of your back.
    • hetalsyogclinic-yoga-blocksPillow
      For support of neck and back.
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  • USP

    1. Tibetian rites: stops aging, activate chakra-that solves mental and physical problems
    2. Pilates: tone muscles
    3. Thanks giving pranayam: that helps reliving stress and mental problem
    4. Shiv tandav: weight loss
    5. Shiv vandna: for fitness
    6. Tibetian singing bowl meditation
    7. Chakra dhyan
    8. Hot yoga in winter
  • Hetal's Yog Clinic

    Hetal Desai started her Yog journey very early in her childhood, inspired by her father who was a committed fitness enthusiastor. hetalsyogclinicYogsadhna Ashram was the 1st formal training ground where she graduated from Teachers Training Course. She did not sit in her laurels and also completed Yog course from M.S.University, her quest for learning different techniques of Yog led her to Shri B.K.S Iyengar, Pune, where she learned yog with props.

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