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hetalsyogclinic-yoga-blocksYoga Belt
For support of hands and legs.
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For support of back.
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For support of neck and back.
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hetalsyogclinic-yoga-blocksYoga Mat
In attractive colours.
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hetalsyogclinic-yoga-blocksEye Bag
To keep eyes and clam. Stress Relife.
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hetalsyogclinic-yoga-blocksWooden Blocks
For support of legs.
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hetalsyogclinic-yoga-blocksShirsasan Rope
To do shirsasan easily.
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hetalsyogclinic-yoga-blocksShoulder Rope
For shoulder pain relife.
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hetalsyogclinic-yoga-blocksSpine Rope
For spine relife.
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hetalsyogclinic-yoga-blocksPillates Equipments
To tone muscles.
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hetalsyogclinic-yoga-blocksHetvee Ayus Churna
For constipation relife.
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hetalsyogclinic-yoga-blocksHetvee Khushi Churna
For constipation relife.
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hetalsyogclinic-yoga-blocksHetvee Pachan Churna
For gastric problem.
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hetalsyogclinic-yoga-blocksSuryanamaskar CD
For Suryanamaskar counts.
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hetalsyogclinic-yoga-blocksSukham swasthym CD
For weights loss,to stop aging-tibetian rites.
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hetalsyogclinic-yoga-blocksKoruk DVD
Demonstrating Shiv Tandava & Tibetian Rites
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hetalsyogclinic-yoga-blocksSwasth Tan Mann ni Guru Chavi
Techniques of Yoga with advantages.
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